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MoMi products have to be just like Mums – always ready to go no matter what! While designing new accessories, MoMi follows your needs and creates products that are safe and comfortable for the children and practical for the Mums! That's what our new products are like!

As a Mum you constantly ask questions about raising your child, you are faced with difficult choices, and you’re looking for information on how to help the development of your baby.

MoMi’s goal is to help you and find a solution together.

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MoMi is a brand created to help you explore the world with your child without any obstacles. MoMi supports you and your offspring in every moment of your adventure! We supply products that are functional, comfortable and safe – so that you have more free time!

In every moment and under any circumstances, the safety of your child is MoMi’s priority. That is why all MoMi’s products comply with European Union safety norms.

MoMi products are designed to ensure ergonomics and the correct positioning of a child’s body. Thanks to adjustable elements, you can adapt the products to your baby. Additionally, MoMi products are lightweight, easy to foldand carry,as well asequipped with solutions that make mum's life easier every day.

We want MoMi products to serve you for years which is why we use solid, sturdy materials to ensure they will endure repeated folding and unfolding, washing, carrying, and any other obstacles that get in your way.

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