Educational mats

educational mats
Maty edukacyjne

MoMi Day&Night educational mat

199.00 zł
MoMi Day&Night mat is a 4in1 product: a foldable play mat, an educational mat, a playpen, as well as a dry ball pool! It’s the perfect companion for children's play!


59.99 €
Soft colours and great fun are main the qualities of the MoMi LAMALOVE educational mat. It’s a dry pool with balls for fun and an educational mat. Your baby will love it for sure!


64.99 €
MoMi MULTI has two uses: a regular educational mat and a dry pool with 30 colourful balls. It stands out with big surface, thanks to that it’s comfortable and practical also for older children. It supports the sensory development and motor skills of a small child.
You’ll buy one mat and get 3 products! MoMi LAMMIS educational mat is also a dry pool with balls, and a photo mat. Also, there are a lot of sensory toys, which will make your baby happy.

MoMi PASTEL educational mat

49.99 €
MoMi PASTEL mat is a product that combines an educational mat with toys, and a dry ball pool. It’s a wonderful playground for your baby.
The only one of its kind on the market! Unique and exceptional educational mat MoMi BESTO 3in1. Check how many benefits are waiting for you!

Educational playmats for children

Educational playmats for children are among the best accessories to support the development of your baby from the first days of their life. They will transform any space into a colourful and safe playground that encourages the child to explore the surrounding world through movement and the senses. MoMi offers educational playmats which not only stimulate every aspect of your baby's development, but also give them a lot of joy and fun.

All MoMi educational playmats have been designed with the comfort and safety of their young users in mind. The materials used to make the mats are soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as safe for the child's delicate skin. Some models have raised textile borders to prevent the baby from wandering off, which gives parents peace of mind as they go about their daily household jobs.

Multifunctional and practical

Many of the mats offered by MoMi are multifunctional. In addition to being a classic 'tummy time' playmat, some models can be turned into a dry ball pit, which is great fun, especially for slightly older children. In addition, MoMi playmats can double act as photo mats for parents to capture key milestones in their child's development.

Play time and sensory development

Every educational playmat comes with a variety of toys that promote the child's sensory development. Hanging teethers, squeaky toys, rustling books and mirrors are just some of the accessories that attract the baby's attention, stimulating their senses of sight, hearing and touch. As an additional benefit, these accessories can be detached and brought for a walk or a trip.

Designed with parents in mind

Raised mat borders ensure that toys or balls stay in the play area, which increases safety and helps to keep your home tidy. Our educational playmats can also be easily folded and stored, making them ideal not only for home use, but also great for travelling or garden play.

Visually attractive and functional

The colour schemes of our mats have been carefully selected to be visually pleasing to both children and parents. Their subtle colours not only look nice, but also promote concentration and aid relaxation during play time. MoMi has used thermal insulation technology, making the playmats suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, while keeping your child warm and comfortable in all conditions.

Supporting motor skills and coordination

MoMi has designed its educational playmats so that they are not only fun, but also support the child's motor development. Reaching for toys and moving around the mat helps babies to practise their motor coordination and fine motor skills. Each element has been designed to maximise the child's overall development, while providing them with many hours of engaging play.

Commitment to child development and safety

MoMi has insisted on creating educational playmats that are both entertaining and support the child's sensory and motor development from an early age. Each mat has been designed with great attention to detail, which is crucial for the comfort and safety of children. MoMi has made sure that our products are multifunctional and practical: easy to fold, store and clean, which is truly invaluable for all parents.
As a result, MoMi gives you not just a product, but a comprehensive solution that promotes the child's development, while offering parents a much-needed moment of 'peace and quiet'. MoMi educational playmats are a fantastic investment in the future of every child, with safety, development and fun being at the heart of each design.

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