Creative fun

Long autumn evenings are a creativity test for us, parents! When it is cloudy and rainy outside, we spend more time with our children at home. How to fill the afternoons with experiences and unforgettable play?

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Feeding chairs blog

When the milk is not enough, i.e., the whole truth about adding new products to the baby’s diet. Milk, either breast one or a formula, is the basis of infants’ diet. However, our babies soon reach the stage when just the milk is no longer enough as it is not able to provide all the necessary nutrients to them. This is when it is time to introduce other meals and face the challenge of adding new products to their diet.

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Is it worth buying a co-sleeper cot

Nonetheless, you keep asking yourself why the babies spend so much time sleeping during the day. Below, you will find some interesting facts which will help you understand why sleep is so important for the correct development of your baby.

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MoMi especially for Mums

You will surely agree with me that there is nothing nicer than your child’s smile, a bed-time kiss or a morning hug. Maternity is the most wonderful journey in your life. A splendid but often difficult and bumpy road. I am right, aren’t I?

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A bike is great fun for children, first and foremost

A bike is great fun for children, first and foremost! For you, it will be an opportunity to cover longer distances with the Little One. A pedal-free bike can be bought for a world-curious two-year old. A three-wheeled, multi-purpose one can be given to the child much earlier.

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What questions to ask when buying a stroller

Changing from a pram to a stroller is an important event in your life, isn’t it? Before you decide to do it, you are asking yourself many questions and thinking which stroller to choose for your baby. What should you pay attention to? We will give you some tips.

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